Saturday, 1 October 2016

8 questions

Here are my answers to @InspiredWalk's 8 questions. I've published these on Twitter before. Despite that, InspiredWalk continues to claim that no atheist has ever (nor can ever, for some unknown reason) answered them. 

The questions can be found here:

If you open a dictionary you'll see BOTH definitions, put in the alternative. We can say lack of belief is "weak atheism" while positive belief that no gods exist is "strong atheism".
The weak definition does NOT mean atheists are incapable of believing in god but simply that they don't hold a belief that a god exists.

question 2: no. I'd only become a Christian if I saw evidence that convinced me to Christianity. #atheism

question 3: I use my moral radar. The radar is partially built in and partially a factor of culture and reasoning. #atheism 

question 4 re guilt: you learn a lesson and move on,try not to screw up in the same way again. Re sin: no such thing #atheism 

q5: I act according to what I believe and to what I don't believe. I disagree regarding lack of evidence. #atheism 

q6: I can't prove how the universe was "created" and neither can you. But at least I'm honest about it. #atheism 

q7: I can prove there's most likely no god. See here: #atheism 

q7.2 I can also prove the biblical god (but not all gods)DEFINITELY doesn't exist because he's logically impossible. #atheism 

I'll most likely be cremated. Unless they disrespect my wishes. 



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